3 Room Plus loft Cabin for under 20K - No Interior finishing needed -Easy to follow instructions - Great extra space for guests or mancave...

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Small log cabins make the best garden buildings and recreational cabins. The best thing about smaller log cabin designs is that they are usually quite affordable too because smaller buildings require fewer building materials to be made. These small log cabins are made in Finland and Germany with high-quality Finnish and German craftsmanship as well as very professional design and engineering. Each of the log cabin kits are designed to be assembled yourself very easily since all of the materials are pre-cut and labelled. Usually, one of these smaller units can be completed by two adults in a couple of days depending on the size of the log cabin. They are also some of the most environmentally friendly log cabins available and the company that builds them, Green Garden Chicken is very committed to protecting the environment. They harvest the trees to be used for building materials from a sustainable forest and at least five trees are replanted for every tree that is harvested for use in their cabins. Log cabins in general are a very environmentally friendly option too because they are made out of natural materials that will last and stand up to the elements. Usually, wood can be reused when it's older as well giving it a second life.

The beautiful small log cabins from Green Garden Chicken can even be delivered to the US and Canada for free. So if you live in the US or Canada you could even order one of these cute log cabins. If you can't afford the cabin outright, you can also do a Layaway Payment Option right from the company. This particular cabin you see here is a 3 bedroom cabin kit that comes with a loft. The original price on the cabin is $18,500 but it's currently on sale for only $17,800. Each of the cabins is created out of durable, dense grain and slow grown Nordic Spruce. Trees that are slow grown usually grow in colder conditions that allow them to build up strength and resilience to the elements making the wood more dense over time. This small cabin includes a lovely covered terrace if you choose to have one. It includes the floor and roof materials, the pre-hung and glazed door and windows, pre-assembled gables, it also includes all of the nails, screws, handles and the door locks. You'll also get all of the instructions to build the home too. This floor plan is a total of 292 square feet and the walls are around 1 to 3/4 inch thick. The cabin measures 16.3 feet by 18.7 feet and the walls are a total of 12.4 feet high. If you want the terrace added on it's only an extra $150.00 and the terrace is 16.5 feet by 6.6 feet and it's partially covered. The overall weight of the cabin is 8600 pounds.

The company also sells solar panel kits to take your cabin off-grid. These kits come with a 2000 watt inverter and will supply power for whatever you need including your lighting system or a small appliance. So if you wanted a stove or a fridge in your cabin, you could power it with free solar power. The panels are also covered in tempered glass to protect them from the elements and each one comes with a wiring system that's also protected from the weather. Going off-grid is a great way to do things if you have a really remote property out in nature. This way you can have all of the comforts of home even if you're not hooked up to power. Check out more of the great cabins from Green Garden Chicken and see which one you like the best.***

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