Amish Mayonnaise Biscuits

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For a new take on the classic biscuit, try this Amish mayonnaise biscuits recipe, which has a slightly golden exterior and fluffy interior. Melissa, the author of the Chin Deep recipe blog, shared this biscuit recipe because it is her go-to whenever she needs homemade bread to accompany hearty soup or light salads. The main difference between these biscuits and traditional biscuit recipes is the fact that mayonnaise is included in the batter rather than butter. As you will see, the texture does not suffer from the mayonnaise but becomes fluffy rather than flaky. Additionally, the mayonnaise gives these biscuits a slightly sweet and tangy undertone that will make them extremely addictive, especially when smeared with plenty of butter.

This Amish mayonnaise biscuits recipe has a lot of the same bread ingredients as if you were making a French loaf, but there a few differences too. The flour and salt are primary tools of everyday bread baking, but there is usually yeast involved too. In the case of any biscuit recipe, you will instead find that natural baking soda or baking powder are included to raise the dough rather than yeast. This is because biscuits are classified as a quick bread, which means they need to be leavened quickly and chemical leaveners can do the job the best. Yeast will take hours to ferment bread for flavour and raise it for texture, lightness and fluffiness. As a result, biscuits usually have a lot more moisture in them than other bread recipes to promote an appealing texture, and they need flavour built-in in other ways. Usually, the flavour of hearty biscuit dough is helped by the addition of buttermilk and butter, but this one includes whole milk and mayonnaise which add a lot of richness to the dough as well. An entire cup of milk will be what is needed to blend the mixture into a smooth dough. If the dough seems too wet don’t worry; these biscuits aren’t rolled and cut, but rather are dropped onto the baking sheets. If there are any craggy edges, they will just crisp and turn golden adding to the appeal of these biscuits.

You will also find a difference in this method of this mayonnaise biscuit recipe compared with other biscuits. Usually, a biscuit dough starts with cutting cold butter into the flour mixture until crumbly which leads to a flaky textured biscuit. Here there is no butter needing to be cut in. Instead, all the wet ingredients including the mayonnaise are blended in at once, which is ideal if you are looking for easy bread recipes. Making this dough is literally as easy as preparing a dumpling batter and can be made on a whim since you will likely have everything in your fridge or pantry already. In fact, if you are used to topping your hot chicken pies or stews with refrigerated biscuits, this will be a great and easy alternative.

The best part about any biscuit recipe is how versatile they are. As long as you aren’t adding anything to affect the structure of the dough, you can mix in almost whatever you want whether it be dried or fresh herbs, finely minced garlic or freshly grated cheese. You can also fill these biscuits with chopped dried fruit and nuts if desired, as well as some cinnamon or grated orange zest for a sweeter take. The result will be the perfect bread no matter what. Thank you to Melissa, the author of the Chin Deep recipe blog, for sharing her Amish mayonnaise biscuits recipe with us.

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