Easy Creamy Chicken Noodle Skillet the Family will Devour

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Comfort meal ideas and recipes don’t get much more comfortable than this recipe from the kitchen of Christy. Food ideas come from ideas garnered from leftovers that you want to give a

great home to. Quick dinner recipes can be become great meal ideas that come from many different recipe ideas. Whenever you have leftover pasta then you will have many recipe ideas to

incorporate the pasta into thus giving your leftovers a happy and delicious home. This recipe can easily include chicken and pasta leftovers and if you have any extra sauce then that will be a welcomed addition to this and any other recipe that calls for them to be included. Comfort meals are always a great way to fill you up while giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling only a great meal can provide.

Food ideas can be made with quick dinner recipes and if you consider that we usually always have leftovers then your meal and recipe idea can be made both quickly and efficiently. Make your recipe easy by cooking with leftovers and if you do you will find yourself not spending as much time in the kitchen but still making a meal that can bring smiles and full

bellies to your diners. The best way to always have pasta on hand is to make more whenever you are considering making a pasta recipe that can include any pasta that you and your fellow diners love. If you are deciding on making casseroles or other recipes that combine pastas to the equation then consider making a large batch of pasta on the weekend then storing it in the fridge for use through the week. Cooked and oiled pasta will easily stay in the fridge for 5 days and will make your meal ideas both easy and efficient.

These days we are not as free with our time as we might have been years ago. If this is the way your life is then make it easier. Once you have cooked the pasta,always cook it a little less than usual, since it will be cooked again in any dish you decide on.Once it has reached the desired consistency then quickly drain and run under cold water until the pasta is cold throughout. This will stop the cooking of the pasta and will give you great cooked pasta for future recipe ideas. Once it is drained then apply some oil and mix well and then put it into a container and voila you have ready-made pasta on hand.

This recipe from Christy includes leftover pasta and can easily be made as a healthy leftover chicken recipe or any other meat you might like or no meat at all. Make the meal and recipe your own favorite by adding or taking away any ingredient you love or hate. Thanks to Christy of The Girl Who Ate Everything Blog for this yummy Creamy Chicken Noodle Skillet Recipe that gives your leftovers a great home and a feeling of comfort and bon apetit.**

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