Clean your moldy shower curtain without bleach

So often people use their showers and then forget about them, because of lack of time, but it is important to keep on top of these mould breeding grounds because they remain moist for long periods. Yo ... continued

My fiberglass bathtub is gleaming again, heres how

No matter what type of finish your bathtub has it can be challenging to clean sometimes. Especially if it hasn't been cleaned for a while. While porcelain bathtubs tend to be easier to clean because o ... continued

The easiest way to clean a scorched pan

A scorched pan can be tricky to get clean. The food gets burnt onto the bottom of the inside of the pan, and then the char seems to stick to the pan and doesn't let up. Luckily there are some great si ... continued

Easy and Safe Homemade tub tile and grout cleaner

This all-purpose cleaning solution will help to remove dirt from grout and clean stains from the bathtub. If you have just moved into a new home or apartment where the bathroom is in less than ideal s ... continued

Best 21 Small Kitchen Ideas of all Time

When it comes to small house design storage is key, especially in the kitchen. So what better place to get some small house living storage tips from than The Kitchn website? The kitchen is the one roo ... continued

Best ways to get rid of termites fast and naturally

Do you have termites in your home? Finding them eating away the wood in your home can come as quite a shock, but there are easy termite treatment methods to get rid of termites quickly and naturally. ... continued

How to clean a jetted (jacuzzi) bathtub naturally

Having a jetted bathtub in your home is wonderful, and if you ever find yourself lucky enough to get a home with one, you'll enjoy it often. The only thing about using your jetted tub often is that it ... continued

Clean the cord of window blinds with a liquid pack

When you're doing a deep clean of your home, you tend to notice all of the things that are really dirty in your house. Those little details that you maybe never picked up on before. One of the things ... continued

Homemade window cleaning solution

Need to clean the outsides of your windows but don't want to hire a professional to do it? Cleaning your windows can be easy, and Brooke from All Things Thrifty shares her cleaning tips on how to clea ... continued

Love this Kitchen Butcher Block Island? - Here is how to build it!

Have you always wanted a butcher block island in your kitchen? These islands are not only handy; they look really great in the centre of your kitchen too. They also make an area of your kitchen that w ... continued

25 easy and quick tips for a super-clean bathroom

Prepare yourself for the next time you have to clean your bathroom with some great cleaning tips. If you're like most people, you probably dread cleaning the bathroom. So to make it a more approachabl ... continued

Quickest way to clean your oven without any chemicals

It's always a great idea to keep your appliances clean. Not only for hygienic reasons but also so that they can last you through the years. While cleaning your oven may not be the most fun cleaning jo ... continued

6 easy ways to stop from becoming a hoarder

You have most likely heard of hoarders; you may have even seen the shows on hoarders which give us an inside view of what it's like to be a hoarder. For some people, hoarding doesn't just happen becau ... continued

Hot To Get Rid of Any Burrowing Animals With this Dawn Soap Solution

Are you finding deep holes all over your lawn or garden? They could be from burrowing animals like moles, gophers, groundhogs or ground squirrels. These rodents can really destroy your yard and garden ... continued

How to clean baseboards - a fast and easy cleaning guide

Here is a super easy cleaning tip for cleaning your baseboards that will make the chore much easier on you. Baseboards tend to be one of the overlooked areas in our homes. They are tricky to clean, an ... continued

Clean your gross window tracks in one step

Cleaning the windows in your home is a big job. You have to clean the blinds, then the glass on the inside and outside. Plus you don't want to forget the window sills. The window sills of our windows ... continued

Clean bathroom glass doors the super easy way

Does your shower have glass doors? If so, you know how difficult they can be to clean. Over time they collect hard water stains and soap scum which tend to stick around even after you give your shower ... continued

How to stop towels from smelling in one easy wash!

This is a cleaning tip and simple life hack you can't live without. This cleaning tip will save you money and the inconvenience of having to go out and purchase new bath towels. Everyone loves clean, ... continued

Best ways to get rid of annoying FLIES

If you've ever had a fly get into the house, you know just how annoying it can be until you get rid of it. Flies seem determined to fly around and bother you, and no matter how many times you open the ... continued

Natural Remedies for Bed Bugs

The world is facing a bed bug epidemic like never before. It could be caused by the increased amount of travel and also from buying used or thrifted items. Bed bugs are tiny, but they can cause big pr ... continued

How to clean your windows super fast!

You know it's time to clean your windows when you try to look outside, and everything is dingy and cloudy. It's important to be able to see out of your windows so you can appreciate the views surround ... continued

Clean Window Screens Without Removing Them

Cleaning your windows is a big job all in itself, but then you also have to clean the window screens as well. Many people don't think that it's possible to clean window screens without removing them f ... continued

4 powerful and effective DIY floor cleaner recipes

Whether you have wood flooring, tile flooring, carpet, linoleum or vinyl it all needs to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning your floors is a way to keep your home free from dust, dirt and other particulat ... continued

3 ways to clear that clogged shower drain with what you already have at home

A clogged shower drain is more than a little frustrating when you are trying to get ready in the morning. This is something that can happen when too much hair accumulates in the drain. The hair mixes ... continued

The Best Way to Clean A Glass Stovetop

Do you have a glass stovetop but struggle to get it nice and clean? You have probably tried out all of the chemical cleaners and some of the cleaning tips out there, but maybe they didn't work as well ... continued

The Best Ways to Remove Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew can be bad for our health which is why you don't want to have it in your home. You'll need to remove mould from your home as soon as possible if you do find it too. Mould and mildew a ... continued

The Importance of Good Cleanup after Mice and Rat Removal

Once mice or rats have been removed from a home, there is a good chance that the area that they occupied and damaged needs to be cleaned up both professionally and thoroughly. Without performing the p ... continued

9 Simple Steps to Get rid of Ants

When you find ants wandering into your home, your first thoughts will probably be to get them out of your home as fast as possible. While having ants in your home is unwanted, fortunately, ant control ... continued

Proven Best Ways for Getting Rid of Mice

Mice can be cute, but we don't want them living in our homes. If you are struggling to get rid of mice in your home, there are so many different mouse removal products on the market it's hard to know ... continued

If your house needs an extreme deep clean, pay close attention to these 9 tips

Even if you clean your home quite regularly, there are certain things that can get missed. So getting around to doing a deep clean of your home can make a big difference. Usually, it's a great idea to ... continued
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