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Easy Chocolate Cinnamon Cake

Want to bake a cake, but tired of your same old recipes? Try out this Easy Chocolate Cinnamon Cake. Yes, you read that right, this cake has cinnamon in it, as well as a little bit of cayenne pepper ... continued

Christmas Tree Cookies

This Christmas tree cookie recipe is a festive choice for the holiday season. Like other holiday cookie recipes, these are sweet and buttery with a Christmassy twist. The quick icing recipe for these ... continued

Moms Homemade Noodles

A delicious bowl of homemade chicken soup is comforting to the soul and Mom's homemade noodles are the perfect addition to any soup. Healthy homemade soup is a great option to make for those colder d ... continued

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Looking for the best vegan appetizer recipe? This delicious Spinach and Artichoke Dip recipe is not only vegan, vegetarian, dairy and gluten-free, but it’s also jam-packed full of nutrients that go ... continued

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Dessert recipes don't have to be unhealthy, in fact, this recipe for Chocolate Dipped Strawberries is actually quite healthy. Our delicious recipe for chocolate dipped strawberries includes fresh str ... continued

Grandmothers Potato Leek Soup

Warm up from the inside out with our Grandmother's Potato Leek Soup. Soup recipes like this come in handy when you need something hearty and filling. When it comes to easy soup ideas, potato soups a ... continued

Jello Layer Cake

Need some new recipes for kids birthday cakes? Give our Jello Layer cake a try. This is one fun food for kids, or the kids at heart, made with layers of colourful fruity jello. Bright colours alway ... continued

Crock Pot Chicken & Barley and Creamy Potato Soup

On the cold fall and winter days, there is truly nothing like a crock pot meal recipe. It is just so easy and satisfying in the morning to layer your crock pot recipe with nutritious ingredients and t ... continued

Grandmothers Vegetable Soup

A nice warm soup recipe on a chilly day is just what you need. Enjoy this Grandmother's Vegetable healthy soup recipe for those days when you need to be warmed from the inside out. When it comes to he ... continued

Grandmothers Pumpkin Pie

It doesn't need to be fall to enjoy pumpkin pie, enjoy our Grandmother's Pumpkin Pie recipe any time you like. Of course pumpkin pie and other pumpkin recipes are enjoyed in the fall since this is wh ... continued

Cabbage Rolls and Roasted Sausage

Enjoy this classic recipe for cabbage rolls and roasted sausage. When it comes to easy cabbage recipes, cabbage rolls might be the first thing to pop into your mind, and as far as homemade meals go, ... continued

Roasted Vegetable Medley

This nutritious recipe for a Roasted Vegetable Medley is well worth the few short minutes it’ll take to prepare. Once it’s in the oven roasting for thirty minutes, you can move on to something els ... continued

Grandmothers Apple Dumplings

Aren't these apple dumplings one of the cutest dessert recipes you have ever seen? Grandmother's Apple Dumplings have always been a favourite recipe in our family, so we wanted to share it with you. ... continued

Easy Homemade Croutons

Why buy your croutons in a bag when you can make these easy homemade croutons? Nothing is better than some freshly made croutons made with some homemade bread or bakery bread. Croutons are actually ... continued

The Best Classic Cheesecake

For Thanksgiving this year, we were lucky again to be part of a Brazilian menu which included a fresh salad recipe, a salt cod dish (typical to Portugal and Brazil) called Bacalhau (recipe coming!), a ... continued

Cranberry Apple Sangria

Having a dinner party or a gathering at your house? Enjoy this recipe for Cranberry Apple Sangria. It's so fun to make up a menu and decide on recipes for dinner guests. Sangria is always a fun coc ... continued

Waffel Iron Churros

Bring some fun breakfast ideas to your table and try out these Waffle Iron Churros. These churro waffles have all of the ingredients of a real, authentic churro, pressed into a waffle form. If you h ... continued

Shrimp Pasta Recipe

This shrimp pasta dish recipe is so delicious, it'll have you feeling like you're dining in a five star restaurant. If you're wondering what to cook for a dinner party you're hosting, this is definite ... continued

Corn Bread Croutons

Making these corn homemade bread croutons is a great way to switch up the regular traditional croutons. If you don't know how to make cornbread, don't worry, we have you covered. You'll learn how to m ... continued

Homemade Pumpkin Soup

Enjoy your very own Homemade Pumpkin Soup. Healthy homemade soup is a great way to get in a great amount of vitamins and nutrients all in one tasty meal. This soup packs in all of the great nutrient ... continued

Crunchy Winter Salad

A nice healthy salad is always a great side dish to any meal, or can act as a meal on it's own. This Crunchy Winter Salad could do both. Having new recipes for easy delicious salads makes eating hea ... continued

Grandmas Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls have a long history, possibly going back at least two thousand years as part of the Jewish tradition. The sauce may have been the most diverse part of the early recipes with some regions ... continued

Fried Cabbage Potato Bacon Soup

Cabbage recipes are some of the most popular recipes on Grandmother's Kitchen. Growing up with Ukrainian and Danish Grandmother's means that in my childhood, cabbage was a staple that I looked forwar ... continued

How to Make the BEST Homemade Perogies

Homemade pierogies or homemade perogies are the quintessential meal of our family. Always requested to whomever was in charge of the kitchen and always gratefully and joyfully consumed by the rest of ... continued

Pumpkin Pecan Pie

Although pumpkin pie can be enjoyed year round, it is a pie that is associated with fall and this is one of Grandmothers printable easy recipes for a delicious pumpkin pie recipe. In this recipe you d ... continued

Pumpkin Cake With Maple Syrup Cream Cheese Frosting

This pumpkin cake with maple syrup cream cheese frosting recipe is the perfect cake to welcome the Autumn season in. Canned pumpkin is available in stores all year, however, so this spiced cake recipe ... continued

Easy Pumpkin Pie

All the best pie recipes come from Grandma's collection, so here is an easy pumpkin pie recipe from our very own Grandmother's recipe archive. Pumpkin pie is synonymous with Fall time and Thanksgivin ... continued

Homemade Crackers

This homemade cracker and tasty snack recipe comes to us from Dish Cooking Studio in Toronto, Canada. This homemade cracker recipe is flavored heavily w ... continued

Warm Bacon & Egg Salad

This delicious salad recipe comes from Dish Cooking Studio in Toronto, Canada, but can easily be replicated in your home kitchen. This recipe is classi ... continued

French Kiss Cocktail

Looking for a delicious holiday drink and entertaining menu idea that is so simple to make. This champagne cocktail drink recipe is made with just a touch of citrus and fresh raspberries to make it fe ... continued
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